How To Guide

This is a simple step by step guide which shows you how to claim and process your discount codes from this website.

We have three types of deals on this website: (scissor box types)

1. A special discount code that you will need to enter into a box on the official order page of a site.

discount code
2. A printable voucher that you will need to exchange for your discount, an example of this type would be a free first day at a weight watchers membership club, near where you live.

3. A promotion, you do not need to do anything for this type, we are simple showing a promotional offer from a merchant that gives you a discount, an example of this type would be the current promotion that is running on tava tea, 25% off rrp plus further discounts for bulk orders.


How to Guide:

It dosen’t matter which type you go for, the main thing that you will need to do is to click the image with the scissors for each particular deal.

After you click the image two things will happen:

1. A new tab will open in your browser which will show the actual deal page on the official merchant site. (that the code or promo relates to).
2. The discount code will be automatically copied to your computer.


For the special discount code type you will now have to “paste” or enter the code into special boxes that can be found when ordering. They normally say something like “Got a gift certificate or promotional code?” then important be sure that you click “apply voucher” to claim your discount.

For the promotion type, you will not receive a code, you will not need one.

How do i tell the difference?

You can distinguish between each different type by looking for the words before and in the scissor boxes found on this site.

Further detailed instructions can be found on each deal page, click the title of the deal and then read our text or video instructions.

Hope this help 😉