This is the privacy policy of dieting deals dot co dot uk if you have any questions about it please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send your queries and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can, thanks.

Dieting Deals Privacy Policy:

We track various types of information regarding our visitors to

We try to limit our tracking to just measure how you arrived here and your PCs IP, along with a few other pieces of information.

We will not sell this information or give it to any other person unless it involves a crime, we limit the information we learn about you as much as we can, we regard your personal privacy of the up-most importance.

We would like to be transparent and tell you precisely what programs we use for any tracking, so that you can identify and judge your privacy concerns for yourself.

We use a wordpress plugin called statpress reloaded, you will find more about this plugin here.

Our hosting uses cpanel which comprises the following statistics programs, awstats and webalizer

There could be some other programs that we do not know about at our fantastic host provider who are called tsohost, but those three are the main ones that we all know about.

We do not use google analytics

Most internet sites and web hosts (99% of them) track stuff from their visitors.

If you are concerned about your personal privacy online or you are fed up with being bubbled and tracked and would like to use this and other websites anonymously then we suggest that you use the following services.

1. A search engine that protects your privacy. Like this one here duckduckgo

2. Use a decent vpn or a free service like the onion router or the invisible net project or similar such things.

To learn more about online privacy you will need to have a chat with a friendly cryptologist for more information, thanks.